Just 1 step to a faster and more secure internet

Just 1 step to a faster and more secure internet

As we surf the web there are amazing technologies that run behind the scenes which can impact speed and security of your internet. One of the main technologies that make up the internet are DNS requests. Every search you make, app you open or reading an e-mail will start with one of these requests. DNS can be thought as the internet’s directory, it lets devices know where they can find things on the internet.

By default, your ISP controls which DNS service you use and unfortunately they are usually slow and insecure. Alarmingly your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and other people who are listening on the internet can see the sites you have visited or an app you have used. Some ISP’s will even sell your internet activity or can use it to target you with ads.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem which is provided by the company They provide a DNS service that guarantees security, as they will never log your IP address and will never sell your data. They are also faster with response times being 14.8ms compared to the average ISP which is 68.23ms.
The details on how to setup on your computer can be found on their website –

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