SSD Hard Drive Upgrades

Treat your computer today to a brand new SSD and witness instant increased performance and reliability! What are you waiting for?

Modern ‘Solid State Drives’ (SSDs) access data virtually instantly and are notably faster and increasingly more consistent than standard and traditional hard drives. Your electronic data and applications are safer, easier to access and upload and thanks to new technologies, your drive is constantly protected by unnecessary wear and tear.

Get in touch to arrange an upgrade your computer, laptop, system or workstation today by installing or upgrading an SSD that is enormously energy-efficient and fundamentally more hard-wearing than your current hard drive. You will notice the difference immediately!

Please contact us today on 0191 640 8111 or for an initial and no obligation quote and discover how we can assist your modern technology upgrades and protection.

The Benefits of Solid State Drives (SSD)

Conserve your battery life as an SSD is a significantly more energy efficient than a standard HDD.

Boot up quicker with a lower average time of 10-13 seconds compared to the 30-40 seconds of a traditional HDD.

Keep your systems cool with a lower power consumption and quieter with new spinning disk technology and no moving part vibrations.

Enjoy an increased copy/write speed of above 200MB/s compared to the 50 MB/s to 120MB/s of a HDD.

Keep your valuable files secure with a larger non-volatile electronic storage capability and quicker, more reliable retrieval.

Delivery of speedier load times for applications, movies and gaming.

Innovative technology design ensures a more lightweight and durable drive.

Our SSD Upgrade Offers

Complete SSD Upgrade and Current Hard Drive Cloning Service – £40

SSD’s that we currently supply, please contact us for more details and current prices:

o 120GB SSD Upgrade
o 240GB SSD Upgrade
o 480GB SSD Upgrade
o 1TB SSD Upgrade
o 2TB SSD Upgrade

Own your own SSD already? No problem, we can complete the necessary upgrade and cloning service for you, please contact us for more details.

Please note, all new SSD installations/upgrades are subject to system compatibility.

Our Prices

Email Hostingfrom £12 per year
Website Hostingfrom £75 per year
SSD Drive Replacementfrom £80
PC & Mac Supportfrom £35 per hour
New Computer Setup & Data Migration£50
Screen Replacementsfrom £100
Networkingfrom £35 per hour
Wordpress Websitesfrom £500